Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Broncos Sewer

THIS IS MY UNCLE SCOTT'S QUILT I AM WORKING ON! I am on my second  part.                
This is my quilt book. This is where I got my design there are lots of designs in this book. My mom's cousin Emily gave me this quilt book. She is a sewer too.
I am sewing this pattern called The Bug Quilt. I am not doing bugs because my Uncle Scott likes the Broncos so I am using Broncos and football fabric,
Some squares have Broncos in the middle and some squares have footballs in the middle. All of them need two short rectangles on the sides. That's the first part and I have done all of them.
After I sewed on all the short sides I had to iron them open. You can see how there are footballs in the middle on this one.
Now that all the short sides are sewn on I have to sew long ones on. I still have a lot of these to do. After they are all done I have to sew all the squares together to make the quilt top.
Do you like to sew?

Do you like the Denver Broncos?

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  1. yay! finally getting more progress on this quilt since i was there in march :)
    can't wait to see more!